How to Start a Catering Services Business?

Do you like serving food so much? Do you keep updated with the new trends related to food, food recipes and food industry? Well, this job is perfect for you then. Starting a catering services business is so easy if you are enthusiastic about it. As any business, you need to know the exact steps that you will follow to start your business properly, gain clients and expand your business. Here are the steps that you need to follow to start your business properly.

1. What Food do you love most to make?
It is business that should be done with passion. There are many aspects that you should consider regarding your services.
• Day time foods like sandwiches, salads and tarts. If you like making these foods, make your business offer its services mostly around the lunch period. Choose the place of your business in areas crowded with schools and companies as students and employees will be the majority of your customers.
• Appetizers, finger foods, hearty entrees and a few desserts. If you like making these foods, specialize in parties, events and weddings.
• Desserts, cookies and cakes. If you love baking, start desserts-only catering services. You will not be hired a lot but you will do what you like and you will not buy a lot of equipment.

2. The menu:
The first point will make you decide easily a lot of things.
• You will know exactly the space of the kitchen you will need.
• You will know exactly what equipment you will need.
• You will create the most perfect menu.
There are some points regarding the menu that you should consider.
• Have different tastes for the same meal. For example, some people love spicy food other like non-spicy foods.
• Don’t put foods that you know you can’t make just to make the menu complete. This will affect the reputation of your place badly.

3. Testing your foods:
Have a party on the occasion of opening your business and serve your dishes. Ask the people attending the party for feedbacks about the quality of the food and the service. This will help you gain experience before starting serving food for your customers.

4. The Kitchen:
The kitchen of catering services is different from the home kitchen regarding the equipment and the space. These points will help you a lot to set up your kitchen perfectly.
• Buy the equipment according to your specialty. If you will specialize in baking, you may need to install two or three ovens. If you will specialize in fried foods, you need buy two or three fryers.
• Install two or three sinks especially if you will have a staff. It will make your kitchen run more efficiently.
• Where will you store your foods? That is a major concern. Buy more than two refrigerators and a walk-in freezer. It is kind of a necessity for your business.
• Now, have everything you will need. Buy the essential equipment like pots and pans. Store an amount of supplies and make a deal with food distributers companies to supply you with your needs on daily basis.

Opening a catering services business will be a fun if you love food so much but eventually it is a business that needs to be understood well before starting it. Have a plan and know everything before your start.

How to Open a Box Lunch Delivery Services Business?

Who are the customers of box delivery services businesses? They are the people who cannot afford meals at restaurants but they do not have the time to make sandwiches at home so they will be just your customers and forget the eating problem. Also you will have customers who are employees and cannot leave work for some season.
You don’t need a lot of money to start this business. You need a vehicle and the customers then everything becomes easier. Of course you need some skills but these skills you can practice on them too. Let’s see how to open a box lunch delivery services business easily.

1. Your target market:
Find out where you will work and estimate the location. See if you can work from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. or not. Find out more about your competitors. If there are any competitors, it will be better but if they exist, find out all the information you need about them like how much they charge and what services they offer.
Ask the possible clients in the area about their satisfaction. Ask them about what they want and about the prices. You will use all these information if you want to be competitive.

2. Your business plan:
The perfect business plan consists of the following points.
• How much the business will spend monthly regarding the ingredients and the packing?
• The costs of transportation of the food to the customers.
• The costs of the insurance policy.
• The costs of the licences and permits.
• The costs of registering your business name with the state registrar.
• The costs establishment of a payment system.
• The costs of your marketing campaign. This includes designing a website and promoting the business through business cards, mailers and menu brochures. The marketing campaign may take a lot of money but it is totally worth it.

3. Make a deal with a grocery wholesaler:
You need to buy what you want to make sandwiches and lunches but you don’t want to buy for the actual price. That is why you need to make a deal with a reputable grocery wholesaler that will sell you all what you want for a price lower than the actual price. This will help you making profits easily instead of making your meals expensive to cover your expenses.

4. Designing a website:
Make it as simple as possible. List the meals that you make and make your customers choose and order. Take the online orders in certain period of time to be able to make them in the morning and deliver them in time.
The advantage of having this website is that you will make it easier for the customers to order food for the next day without forgetting to give you a call. The customer will remember to order food once he/she logs into their social networks.
Also you can add foods that are suitable for people who have some dietary restrictions like cardiac and diabetic patients.

How to Market Your Catering Business Perfectly?

As any business, catering services require not only ambition but also planning and marketing. When you are about to start your business, you will need a clear plan that must include the ways that you will use to market your business. This guide will help you to market your catering business perfectly. Let’s see how to do this.

1. Research well:
Do your research as it is the first step in the successful marketing strategy. If you don’t have enough time and want to focus on your business instead of focusing on marketing, hire a marketing agency or independent marketing agent to help you. The results of this step should be the following.
• Search well for your competitors and compare your services with them. See who offers the same products as you and their prices. It is easy to have the menu and the list of prices. Try your best to be the best.
• Research for restaurants that you may want to be partner with.
• Research for people in the catering services industry as event rental agencies, event planners, photographers and others. Build up relationships in the industry to be able to find work easier.

2. The budget and the name:
Determine how much money you will spend on your marketing campaign. The budget is determined according to how big the campaign will be. Banners, brochures, business cards and may be a website are among the things that will determine the budget.
The name should be catchy and memorable. A name that indicates your services as catering services is the best.

3. Photography is essential:
You need to hire a professional photographer to take high quality photos of your foods and services. You will use these pictures in your marketing campaign and on your online website and social networks.

4. Hire a graphic designer:
The graphic designer will design a catchy logo, sign, business cards, menus and flyers. If you want to make a brand, this step is essential.

5. Social Media:
Social networks are main part of the life of the planet now. You need to have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a Pinterest account too. These accounts will help you increase your presence online significantly.
Write accurate information online and update it regularly. You should have accurate address, accurate location by Google maps, description of your business and photos of your place and services.
Invest in your online presence and have some content that can be easily found by search engines and be at the first page of search. It is called Search Engine Optimization content and it helps search engines like Google to give the best results to its users.
Have a blog, upload videos on YouTube and on Vimeo, and post on WordPress and on your website. Make links between all online presences. For example, post your YouTube videos on Facebook, Twitter and your website.

Marketing your catering services business well is the first step on the road to make a brand out of your business.

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